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Root Temple Opening Ceremony
May 2006

     Dharma Forest Temple's root temple underwent its opening ceremonies in beautiful Seabeck, which is located in Kitsap County in western Washington. Sitting on approximately six acres of land, the temple rests near the Hood Canal waterfront, situated across from the Olympic Mountain Range. Over fifty disciples flew in from Los Angeles and Taiwan to participate in the event, which took place over an entire weekend.

     Though the master's main place of residence is now at the root temple in Washington, the Dharma center in Los Angeles is still open and in operation.

Season's Greetings!
December 2005

     On behalf of Master Chuan-Feng and all of us here at the temple, we would like to wish everybody a happy, safe holiday!

Summer Trip to Washington
June 2005

     Kitsap County played host to a group of thirty members from Dharma Forest Temple visiting the temple's new site in Washington. Among them were Ven. Master Wei-Yin and Master Chuan-Feng. It was the first time most of the members had seen the new site, which is located in the beautiful town of Seabeck. We are proud to say that the trip was an enjoyable success.

Venerable Master Wei-Yin visits the U.S.
May 2005

     Ven. Master Wei-Yin arrived in the United States for the first time this year in early summer. His visit is an incredibly special event for the temple, because he is the root teacher of Master Chuan-Feng, our abbott.

     At over one-hundred years old (!), Ven. Master Wei-Yin is a survivor of the cultural revolution. He is also one of the original disciples of the great teacher Nung-Hai, the famed 'Manjusri of Sichuan.'

The Autumn Moon Film Fund
Sunday--June 6, 2004

     During the visit of Lhoga Rinpoche, he and Master were invited to attend the launch of The Autumn Moon Film Fund in Santa Monica on Sunday, hosted by Melissa Mathison, Geshe Tsultrim Gyaltsen, and Sharon Stone. (The Autumn Moon Film Fund is a non-profit joint venture by the Conservancy for Tibetan Art & Culture and the Buddhist Film Society, created to support films reflecting Buddhist and Tibetan themes.)

     Co-host Sharon Stone was lovely and gracious enough to oblige to sit in for a picture with Rinpoche and Master, which is now nestled in our gallery archives. Click here or on the picture below to visit our gallery and see a larger version of the picture.

Click to see larger picture

Dharma Forest Temple welcomes H.E. Lhoga Rinpoche
Saturday--June 5, 2004

     H.E. Lhoga Rinpoche of Kathok Monastery is once again visiting our temple for a brief stay during his tour of select cities in the United States. Rinpoche is the tendak, or abbot, of Kathok Monastery, which is located near the Sichuan-Tibet border in what was formerly Tibet. Rinpoche is the 84th supreme head of the Kathok Nyingma Tradition, and is revered as the rebirth of Khenchen Lekshe Jorden and an incarnation of Bodhisattva Manjusri, whose birth was foretold by Guru Padmasambhava the Lotus Born.

H.E. Lhoga Rinpoche

     Kathok Monastery is one of the great centers of the Nyingma school (or sect) of Buddhism. (Nyingma is sometimes referred to as the 'Red Hats.') It was built in 1159 and was rebuilt under the direction of Lhoga Rinpoche. Kathok Monastery possesses a rich history, as it was personally consecrated by Guru Padhmasambhava thirteen times during its past.

     This is the second time we've had the delightful honor of welcoming Lhoga Rinpoche to stay with us.

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